For The Birds

December 24, 2007


Well, last night the girls and I strung six bags of cranberries, and some popcorn, all in the name of guilt. Steve got out this morning, in a foot of snow on our deck, and set up our little fir. I hung the berries and corn with lots of chirping birds in the background. I almost froze to death, but managed to snap a picture before the birds took over….


Dirty (house, that is)

December 21, 2007

There is no possible way to clean my house with Micah and Brody in it. No getting around it. It isn’t going to happen. Yesterday Micah peeled a clementine orange, and threw the pieces at Brody. Not just in one room. All over the house. Today, he got into the downstairs bathroom, and squirt soap, and shampoo and who knows what else, all over. Then he told Brody to do it, so he could blame it on him. Oh, they also had a sock fight with the basket of unmatched socks I have in our bedroom. Most of those are on the stairs. I need a vacation. A hotel would be nice. At least then someone else could make my bed. Maybe leave a mint on my pillow…..

A leap.

December 19, 2007


Taken one. I listed some of my drawings on Etsy. It is my new favorite website, and I figured if they can do it, why can’t I? I realize it is a pathetic attempt at art, but it’s all I got. Come visit the shop sometime, it is called, Clearing The Air. Hope to see you soon.

The Christmas tree issue.

December 19, 2007

Okay, so for the last couple of days I have been trying to figure out how to write this down, so that I don’t look completely stupid and superficial, but there is no way around it. I am. So here it goes…

I HATED the tree that my wonderful husband brought home. He took time off of work, ventured out in sub freezing temperatures, had some  nice man hold up every tree in the lot, strapped it to the top of the van, brought it home, put it in the stand, all to please me. And, it was the ugliest, most lopsided, pathetic excuse for a Christmas tree we have ever had. Last year, I entrusted this task to Steve, and he brought home the best tree ever, so I figured it would go the same this time around. Last year was a fluke.

I tried to be positive as I hung the lights, and the kids hung the ornaments, but inside I was seething. Most of our ornaments were too heavy for the pathetic little fir, and they continually fell off. Not to mention Micah knocking it down. It never was quite straight after that. Every time I walked past said tree I was disgusted all over again.

So, Sunday night, Steve tells me he will take down the poor excuse, and put up our fake one. I say no. The fake tree we have is WAY too big. There is no way it will fit in our living room. He assures me that it is not as big as I remember, and if we just move the couch over a foot or so, it will look really nice. I concede, and watch as my husband drags the real tree outside, and spends over an hour assembling the fake one.

I was right. The tree is HUGE. It looks kind of like the one the Griswold’s had. But, after I stayed up until 12:30am redecorating the entire thing, I think to myself, it looks pretty good. Now when I walk by it, I don’t cringe. You can actually see all the ornaments, and I am no longer afraid it will fall on unsuspecting children.

That was until this morning. I was curled up on the couch admiring my tree all lit up in the dark, waiting for the kids to get ready for school. And then, it happened.  As I looked on, two rows of lights, right in the middle of the tree, flickered, and then went out.

I can’t win.

Somewhere outside, crouched in the corner of the deck, I heard the little fir laughing.

So, my penance consists of setting up the little fir outside on the deck. The kids and I will string popcorn, and cranberries, put some peanut-butter on rice cakes, and give that little fir to the birds.

Sorry little tree. I am sure you looked good on the lot.

Only in the Midwest…

December 18, 2007

Can you, in a span of only one hour on the interstate, see:

19 hawks

13 deer

12 wild turkeys

7 pheasants

and 1 bald eagle.

M & M’s

December 15, 2007

Micah: Mom, do you remember the first time you ever met me?

Me: Yes.

Micah: Was I just what you always wanted?

One of my favorites from the storm

December 13, 2007


M & M’s

December 13, 2007

ME: Micah, I said to get your socks!

MICAH: But, I can’t find them.

ME: Micah, they are in your sock drawer.

MICAH: Oh yeah, I forgot, Mom, you are a genius!

Last night’s Christmas show

December 12, 2007


Jean took this very cute picture of Hannah last night at the school christmas music program. I am a bad Mom, and didn’t bring the camera.  Of course, I did have to attend alone. With my five kids. While my husband is in Canada. Probably eating steak and sleeping in. But I’m not bitter.

Morning Ice Storm

December 12, 2007


Some pictures from our morning storm. Hopefully we are done with this ice stuff. Give me snow any day.