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Thanksgiving in Colorado Springs

November 27, 2007


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Steve’s sister, her husband, and their three kids. It was remarkably relaxing. They were so gracious, and all the kids got along so well. We all were sad to leave, and are looking forward to the next visit!


Our super hero.

November 17, 2007


He put these on about a hundred times today, and then danced around saying things like, “Fire YOU!” and, “Pirate Man!” It was quite adorable. I don’t even think he looks real in this picture. Very sinister, don’t ya think?

picture time

November 17, 2007


i was playing around with the manual functions on my SLR this afternoon, these are the results…..


November 17, 2007


messy face

November 17, 2007


snack time

November 17, 2007


he’s so easy to take pictures of!

November 17, 2007


emotionally full

November 16, 2007

Sorry I haven’t been writing this week. My heart and mind are so full that I can’t even seem to take time to write it all down. My good friends, Andy and Jody are flying to Africa in the morning to meet two of their children. I cannot even explain how affected I am by all of this. I love these kids already, and they are not even mine. The thought of what Andy and Jody will be going through as they take this trip, is overwhelming. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel this week. And remember that we ALL have so much to be thankful for…

Another weekend of cheer

November 13, 2007


Last weekend Steve and I took Hannah to a competition in Romeoville, Ill. It was a long day, a six hour competition, for a two minute routine. The pee-wee’s took second place in their division. Next weekend they will perform in the Festival of Trees parade in Davenport. Look for them live at 11:00am on channel 6 (i think) 🙂

to be like ruth

November 9, 2007

I was reading today, in a book about the life of Ruth, it was fictional, but based on the scripture surrounding Ruth’s life. After she moved with Naomi back to the promised land, she found herself gleaning in the field of Boaz. She was gorgeous, and Boaz noticed her right away, but what he said about her, in the book, was that she showed him uncommon respect. Uncommon respect. Oh, to be like Ruth. What we could ALL accomplish if we just showed each other uncommon respect.