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in awe

July 31, 2007



a friendly face…

July 31, 2007



July 28, 2007

” Poverty is more than not possessing TV’s or a new car, or designer clothes. It is suffering, hunger, deprivation, humiliation, sorrow, often terror, and sometimes death!  Poverty is weariness that comes from constant need. Poverty is the terrible ache of hopelessness. Poverty is terror that comes from seeing a loved one die for lack of food or medicine. Poverty is the force, the energy that drives Haitians to risk their lives in rickety boats on the high seas. ” 

 –Pastor Jim Glynn, Heart of God Ministries, Haiti

Maybe they won’t make it….

July 28, 2007

This evening in the car Emily had her first official teen melt down, completely self-centered, out of control fit.

It began when she asked when we were going school clothes shopping. I replied that we weren’t doing that this year. I told her we could grab her a couple pairs of pants in Seattle, and that was all she needed.

She  completely freaked out. Said how unfair we were, that she HAD to have new clothes. (technically she said she needed new clothes from somewhere like Buckle, because every shirt she had was ‘boxy’ and she needed some fitted ones)  When Hannah and Isaiah were laughing about the obserdity of it all, she informed them that they had it easy, they were still in grade school, and it didn’t matter what they wore.


About ten minutes later she was back to normal, and as sweet, and gracious as could be….  so,  apparently it begins…

Back to normal, sort of

July 27, 2007

Well, all the company has left, kids are all home, dishes and laundry mostly done…. I feel like we are back to the summer routine of waking up late, staying in our pajamas half the day, and snacking on junk the whole day. But this time is short lived. We leave next Friday for a road trip to Seattle, and won’t be back until a few days before school starts. There have been no school supplies bought, no doctor’s appointments made, no dentist appointments made, no lunch boxes, or backpacks, new shoes or school clothes….. oh well. pretty sure they will still make it.

Fun at the lake!

July 26, 2007


I get lost,

July 26, 2007


in these eyes. All the spilled fish crackers in the world seem to disappear when I catch a glimpse of these eyes.

too cute not to post

July 25, 2007


High Stakes

July 25, 2007

“Where people are lost and hungry and sick and hurting and dying, what they need is a leader who will lead them to a place where life can actually work. Effective servitude requires one to be free of playing it safe, pushing private agendas and serving self interests. Such behaviors don’t inspire. My point, the stakes are very high.”                           

-Dana Roc

A great swimming hole

July 25, 2007

Today we took the clan swimming at West Lake. If you haven’t been there this year, it is a must! The beach was really clean, they have lounge chairs, and concessions, a fenced off wading area, and a lifeguard on duty. All this for a very reasonable price! Adults $2.00, kids 6-18, $1.00, and 5 and under are free! We were there from about one untill four-thirty, and the kids didn’t want to leave. I will post pictures later tonight…..