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pure joy

May 30, 2007


How could you ever get mad at a little creature who says,

“Mom, if you don’t let me have a Power Ranger for my birthday, I will ruin my party.” and in the very next breath says, “You know, if a bunch of snakes came and ate our house it would be a huge calamity!”

(I had to look up the definition of calamity to make sure he was using it correctly, and yep, it is confirmed, my three year old is officially smarter than I am.)



May 30, 2007

i fixed the flickr link, so if you want to view all my photos, you can click on the “my pictures” link on the blogroll.

needin’ to be

May 30, 2007

feeling a little out of sorts. not sure why. maybe it is just the knowledge that my kids are growing up, or that  i am growing up. seems like i still look at myself as that kid in college. you know, the one who made midnight runs to taco bell with change we found in the couch cushions of the dorm lounge.  the one who went to baseball games, to watch that amazing man i never thought i deserved. the one who would stay on the phone all night with that same guy only because no one wanted to be the first one to hang up. where did the time go? as time goes by, does the self image change? in ten more years will i see myself as a thirty two year old mother of five little people in iowa? or will i still be that college girl? maybe i just need a little super hero thing going on. in light of my recent discovery of my super hero name, maybe i need to put it to use. for the next couple of days, i am no longer going to be amy smith. please refer to me as:

Olive Lemon Drop.

okay, just realized those initials. great.

Confession Tuesday X

May 29, 2007

Confession: I stay up late at night and watch a very handsome man (Michael Chiarello on Food Network) cook.


(the picture has nothing to do with the confession, i just thought it was funny)


May 29, 2007


Emily and our next door neighbor Gage.

Memorial Day

May 29, 2007


Finally, a picture of Isaiah! He is trying to look like my Dad, with his pants pulled up way to high.

We spent Memorial Day out on the River, on a pontoon boat. We had such an amazing time. We ate at Ducky’s, and parked on a beach for some after lunch swimming. Needless to say, we have the best next door neighbors in the WHOLE world. And, it’s okay, you can be jealous.

last one, i promise!

May 28, 2007


more eyes

May 28, 2007


at some point i would like to post pictures of emily and isaiah, however they are WAY too cool for the camera these days.

hannah girl

May 28, 2007


oh baby!

May 28, 2007


for some reason, i can only upload one picture per post, so this might get a little old, but, they are so cute, i had to get them on here!