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A Break, Spring that is …

March 30, 2007

So, there is only one day until we are officially on Spring Break. A time, as a child, I used to look forward to….

I think I am excited to have my kids home, after all, it is only a week. Plus, we will have lots of visitors to keep them busy …

BUT, the reality of it is, there are only two months until summer, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry!



March 29, 2007

I learned tonight that one of my husband’s college roommates, a guy I talked to every day at The Master’s College, was shot and killed in his driveway in Oceanside, California.

His name was Kenya Hunt. He was a baseball player. He was drafted by the Padres after graduation in ’94. He was the first person to tell me that my husband had “fallen” for me. He had a smile that will never be erased from my memory. Ever.

I have such a heavy heart today, even though it has been thirteen years since we last spoke.

 He had a five year old son, Kenya Junior.

I know I will see him again, maybe we’ll even play ping-pong together, but it is such a loss for this world, for the community of Oceanside that sees so many people caught up in drugs and gangs.

 Kenya was one of the good guys. He made something of his life, worked so hard for what he had, and loved his family and friends fiercely.

Please pray for his Mom, his son K.J., and his fiance’, I can’t imagine what pain they must be in.

Car Troubles

March 28, 2007

Well, the van is on it’s last leg.

Seven years and 155,ooo miles. Windows are broken, heater only works on level 5, cd player is broken, and it has been puked in more times than I care to recount.

I wanted to make it easy on us, let’s just get a new model of the SAME van, only with the 8 seat configuration, instead of 7, I said. Right. Nothing is easy. They don’t make the 8 seat configuration any more, because they don’t make that van anymore. What’s worse, they don’t make any with the 8 seat configuration any more.

I am trying to resist the move to SUV, but it is not going well. It looks like a suburban is more than likely in our future.

Confessions II

March 27, 2007

I am hoping for a little more participation this week……

This week’s confession:

I REALLY want to drive to Miamai and get tattooed by Ami on Miami Ink.

Not lying at all, okay, here’s a freebee, I have 5 tattoos already 🙂

Killer Weekend

March 26, 2007

We had a great weekend, slept in late, drank iced mochas, cleaned out the garage.
Yes, we cleaned out the garage. It took the bulk of Sunday, the children were running all over the neighborhood, in water fights, getting sunburned, bothering the neighbors, but Steve and I cleaned. I thought it was going well until a neighbor girl called and asked us if we were having a garage sale. She saw so many bikes, she thought they must be for sale.


March 24, 2007

Okay, so I don’t get the mom of the year award.
HyVee does not carry barley-malt syrup. I know it may come as quite a shock, but it is true.
This morning my kids were forced to eat organic breakfast cookies and milk.
I thought I would be cool and take a trip to the Co-Op, to get the elusive syrup, but you’ll never guess what happened…
They don’t carry it either. I ended up with caramel brownies, cookies and bagels. Not exactly what I was looking for.
I am sure it won’t be the last nutritional failure, but for now it is quite a downer.


March 23, 2007

Okay, so my sister is coming to town.
Seeings as I have five children, and a husband, and she has five children and a husband, we will have a very full house.
Point being— do you know how hard it is to feed FOURTEEN people?! Not to mention, my brother-in-law is a chef, and my sister is a vegeterian, AND nursing a brand new baby!
So today, Cassie gave me some incredibly cool cookbooks to borrow, and now (sorry Jody) I am even more convinced I need to purify my family of everything not organic and whole!
Seriously, it is about eleven at night, and I am contemplating making a trip to HyVee, through the lightning, to visit the health food section.
My family NEEDS homemade granola in the morning!


March 21, 2007

I am so looking forward to this “season” of thunder storms…. Sometimes it takes a little thunder in my life to let me know I am not the one in control. As much as I pretend I am, and play like I can “predict the weather,” one big rumble is all it takes to set things straight.


March 20, 2007

Since I don’t want to copy, I decided instead of Tip Tuesday, I would have Confession Tuesday 🙂 Here we go…

When I was in high school, I had “Stop Global Warming!” painted on the back of my black motorcycle jacket.

Things I don’t like to spend money on

March 20, 2007

1. Pajamas
2. Socks
3. Hair brushes (Sorry Brenda)
4. Toothpaste
5. Cereal
6. Cheerleading outfits
7. Jeans
8. Water
9. Sheets
10. Garbage pick up

These are just my top ten. I know they are a little strange, and most are necessary, but for some reason, I hate to spend the money on them.